Over the last two hundred years medical scientists and nutritionists have discovered 42 food based nutrients like vitamins A, D, C, E, K which they have declared essential for human health. Humans must obtain these essential-nutrients from dietary sources to prevent serious health conditions like scurvy, rickets, night blindness and to maintain normal blood clotting to prevent uncontrolled bleeding. The BRILLIANTâ„¢ platform in less than 2 years has discovered and identified over 2,000 additional nutrients in foods which medical scientists have verified work in the human body in the very same manner as the previously discovered 42 essential-nutrients. The newly discovered nutrients are essential for humans to consume to enhance human performance and to prevent and/or treat a growing list of infectious, age and life-style related disease conditions. The BRILLIANTâ„¢ Platform identifies the malfunctioning genes and enzymes, the mechanisms, these not before identified nutrients engage in the human body to deliver their targeted health benefits. Clinical studies verify the safe and superior disease condition treatment outcomes delivered by these newly discovered nutrients. As this breakthrough technology platform continues its discovery effort new groups of nutrients are added to the proprietary library that are essential for enhancing additional areas of human performance and disease prevention.