Over the last two centuries Medical Scientists and Nutritionists have discovered 42 small molecule nutrients in foods and spices, which they have proven are essential for maintaining human health. Essential nutrients are very different from most chemicals found in foods and spices. They are small molecules and so very low in abundance that standard chemical analysis equipment cannot detect their presence. Our only source of these essential nutrients is diet because the human body does not synthesize or produce these necessary for health chemicals. Not consuming adequate amounts of essential nutrients results in the onset of debilitating and sometimes fatal disease conditions.

Examples of essential nutrients are Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Regular consumption of these is needed to prevent the occurrence of a specific disease condition such as rickets, beriberi, scurvy, night blindness and uncontrolled bleeding. Multiple studies conducted by leading medical scientists have proven that plant based diets prevent the onset of many of today’s most difficult chronic disease conditions. Leading members of these groups have instructed that, like essential nutrients, the not yet identified small molecule nutrients in the plant based foods are responsible for the observed beneficial bioactivity. Which nutrients amongst the thousands of chemicals in a food or spice are responsible for the essential nutrient-like bioactivity noticed against other major disease conditions? An understanding of this very complex problem required new technologies to be developed.

HerbalScience seized the opportunity and developed the diverse technologies required to realize this breakthrough. The technologies were successfully integrated into BRILLIANT™, a proprietary technology platform that is bringing positive transformative change to global food and food related industries. In less than 2 years BRILLIANT™ identified and developed the methods and conditions to identify and capture, in whole food ingredients, over 3,000 not before identified bioactive small molecule nutrients. This achievement is remarkable in that these newly discovered nutrients represent less than 1/8th of 1% of the small molecule chemicals present in the 341 top consumed foods and spices that were the focus of the discovery effort. Medical scientists have demonstrated that the newly discovered nutrients are not only essential to enhancing human performance, but importantly, also essential to preventing many Infectious, Chronic Age and Lifestyle related disease conditions.

Medical scientists have also determined these newly discovered nutrients uniquely mimic the bioactivity of new generation biopharmaceuticals by engaging the disease condition related genes and enzymes within the human genome known to be involved in 8 major human health categories. Clinical studies verify that products containing these proprietary bioactive nutrients are safer and measurably more effective than current leading generic drugs. And that not all of the good news, when these newly discovered bioactive nutrients are combined or used as a co-therapy treatment they deliver a synergistic activity to many off-patent generic drugs enabling enhanced treatment outcomes, improved safety profiles and new long-life patents. Inexpensive GRAS Status food and spice based natural products containing these proprietary nutrients can now deliver clinically proven solutions for Enhanced Human Performance and many Infectious, Chronic Age and Lifestyle related disease conditions.