“It is evident that Pomegranate nutrients like phytochemicals in other foods work through multiple targeted human body pathways.” 

David Heber MD PhD, Founding Chief of Clinical Nutrition Department, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


THERAPEUTIC FOODS  Co-Therapy Treatments That Improve Patient Treatment Outcomes

Proprietary Therapeutic Food co-therapies that are clinically proven to improve patient treatment outcomes. Consumer friendly delivery forms have been formulated: Liquids, Powders or Capsules. OTC Drug like documentation on Safety and Efficacy. Therapeutic End Points:  Solid Tumor Related Oncology, RA, OA, Type 2 Diabetes, Allergies, Bacterial, Viral and Fungal related Infectious Disease, Weight Loss, Nausea, Cognition, Stroke and Vascular Dementia.

OTC Drugs Products Clinically Proven To Be Superior To Current Category Leaders

Innovative and proprietary new OTC Drug product formulations.  Category leadership enabled by superior performing products. All Natural or Organic label claims for standalone or line extension OTC Drug products that are clinically proven to be superior to the current category leading product. Therapeutic End Points:  Acne, Joint Pain, Cold & Flu, Cold Sores, Acute Dandruff, Athlete’s Foot, Motion Sickness and Allergies.

Breakthrough Drugs Novel Combination Drug Products that Qualify for Breakthrough Drug Status

The Breakthrough Drug approval path offers shorter FDA approval times and much smaller, less costly human studies. The HerbalScience Technology Platform has developed late stage novel combination Drug products and product regulatory approval strategies for: Alzheimer’s Disease, Influenza prevention, Vascular Dementia, Chikungunya, Dengue, Type II Diabetes and MRSA.

Branded Botanical Medicines – TCM   Clinically Proven Safe and Effective for Prevention and Treatment

A new generation of evidence based, dose reliable and condition specific Botanical Medicines that capture the clinically proven disease prevention and curative abilities of GRAS status foods. Proprietary category leading natural medicines that are documented to be contaminant and drug interaction safe. Clinically proven effective for many major health conditions. Measurably superior in safety and efficacy to competitors.

Botanical Supplements A New Paradigm

Proprietary Condition Specific Herbal Supplements that provide measurable dose related health and safety quality points that no other brand can match or exceed. Safety documentation verifies the absence of contaminants. Drug interaction studies verify the Supplement’s safety and clinical studies on ingredients verify efficacy.