“A new paradigm needs to be developed to understand the mechanisms which nutrients in food utilize to alter human health. Food companies will need new technologies for large data set analysis and food processing conditions.”

James Kaput PhD, Director USDA Personalized Nutrition and Medicine

HerbalScience Technology Platform – It’s BRILLIANTTM





The breakthrough technology platform that broke mother nature’s code and unlocked RedSage-e1459976193681her enormous essential nutrient treasure chest.

So, can broccoli cure cancer? Unfortunately, it can’t, but a compound developed by HerbalScience containing previously undiscovered nutrient-chemicals has demonstrated the potential to effectively treat solid tumor cancers by targeting and effectively changing the faulty signaling of the enzymes that control cell division. The answer to the broccoli question and the answers to the many other questions asked by medical scientists, physicians and consumers over the centuries about the specific health benefits of a food or spice required the invention and development of a platform of powerful new technologies.

Over the last two centuries medical and nutritional scientists have labored long and hard to identify 42 nutrients in foods that are considered essential for humans to consume to prevent and/or treat dangerous human disease conditions. These nutrients are are not produced or synthesized by the body; they can only be obtained from dietary sources. Some of the disease conditions humans experience when the body becomes depleted of the identified essential nutrients are scurvy, rickets, blood clotting to prevent uncontrolled bleeding, night blindness and cardiovascular health. Human studies verified that the consumption of the foods or supplements containing the  essential nutrients prevented and/or treated the above and other nutrient depletion linked and life threatening disease conditions. Examples of the essential nutrients linked to the prevention and/or treatment of these and other serious disease conditions are, vitamins A, C, D, K and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. The food sources containing these essential nutrients have been identified and the public health agencies have educated global populations on the need to regularly consume the food sources. Concentrated forms of these essential nutrients are needed when depletion is severe and immediate disease condition treatment is needed but the regular consumption of the foods or supplements that containing the essential nutrients usually prevents depletion.  Leading medical and nutritional scientists believe that the 42 small molecule essential nutrient chemicals discovered thus far represent only the “tip of the iceberg” of the huge number of additional disease condition preventing essential nutrients available to be discovered.  The massive number of single molecule chemicals contained in food and spices and the complexity of this chemistry has prevented the identification of additional essential nutrients.  And if identified, the methods and conditions to capture the essential nutrients in the consistent forms needed to deliver consistent biological results didn’t exist so they had to be developed.  New high-throughput biological screening methods needed to be developed to determine which food or spice contained the promise to be effective against a targeted disease condition.   New task specific databases, purpose focused software programs and laboratory facilities were needed.  The global pharmaceutical industry spent years trying to unlock the healing power of foods and spices announcing the discontinuing of the programs because of the problems were too complex.  The global food industry was not equipped or peopled to solve the complex problems.  Governments attempts were uncoordinated and underfunded. Focus was switched to man made medicinal chemicals 

In an intensive and very focused 10 year discovery effort, science teams at HerbalScience did what seemed impossible to accomplish, they one by one created, developed and assembled the diverse chemical, physical, database, high throughput biological screening and bioinformatic technologies required to create the disruptive technology platform, BRILLIANT™, which quickly identifies the previously undiscovered nutrients in foods and spices that are essential to the prevention and/or treatment of many disease conditions.  In addition to accomplishing this disruptive breakthrough, HerbalScience gained a deep understanding of food and spice botanical chemistry and physiology. BRILLIANT™ has discovered, identified and developed a proprietary library of over 5000 additional nutrients verified to be essential for the prevention and/or treatment of many infectious, chronic aging and life-style related disease conditions. This huge effort included the discovery of over 350 different food and spice botanicals and the development of over 1000 chemical profile repeatable, health condition specific bioactive compounds. Each compound is rich in the newly discovered essential nutrients required for the treatment or prevention of a targeted disease condition. As new food botanicals go through the BRILLIANT™ discovery process, the proprietary bioactive nutrient library continues to grow. Clinical studies verify these proprietary chemically complex food and spice compounds biologically perform exactly like the list of 42 essential nutrients discovered during the last two centuries. They safely and effectively treat and/or prevent important disease conditions obviously caused by the depletion of specific nutrients.  The newly discovered essential nutrients contain groups of small molecule nutrients that enhance  human performance and groups that provide safe, inexpensive and effective prevention-treatment for many infectious, age and life style related disease conditions. BRILLIANT™ is a disruptive technology that enables food based compounds to be included in the formulation of processed foods, supplements, medicinal food and pharmaceuticals to deliver the nutrients required to enhance the health, performance and quality of life of the global populations. This disruptive technology will reinvent the huge consumer product industries that operate in the food, supplement, medicinal food and pharmaceutical sectors just as the global populations have witnessed recent disruptive technology developments reinventing other major global consumer industries. This reinvention is timely and arrives at a time of great need. Disease prevention is the only solution to the problems of rising health care needs and costs. BRILLIANT™ enables food quality and safety enhancement, global medical costs will be reduced and the quality of life for billions of people in the global populations will be significantly improved.

BRILLIANT™ allows medical and nutritional scientists to transform selected foods and spices into powerful next-generation foods, medicines and pharmaceuticals. A new paradigm in the understanding, access and utilization of Nature’s enormous essential nutrient chemical treasure chest.


“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine and Our Medicine Should Be Our Food”

Hippocrates, the First Physician

While medical science has long known that food is the most important factor involved in human health, it unfortunately knew little about why or — how food works to deliver its health benefits. Unlocking the secrets created over millennia by these botanical members of Nature’s advanced medicinal community was thought to be an impossible task—just as smart phones, driverless automobiles, space travel and the mapping of the human genome were once thought to be impossible. As history has proven, time and the right advances invariably lead to new life enhancing technologies.

Foods and spices contain thousands of distinctly different single molecule chemicals whose quantities are in a continuous but controlled fluctuation. This natural phenomena made it impossible to be able to, from harvest to harvest, obtain a consistent chemical profile—a condition needed to deliver a reliable, equally consistent desired biological effect. When a food or spice is consumed most of its chemicals are utilized for energy, but modern science has discovered some of its nutrients are essential for human health. Food’s small molecule nutrients work like man made  small molecule pharmaceutical chemicals are designed to work in the human body to deliver their medicinal benefits with the major added advantage of accomplishing this task more effectively and safely. Until the development of BRILLIANT™, medical and food scientists were not able to identify the suites of small molecule nutrients in foods that were responsible for bioactivity against a disease condition target or the human body mechanisms these bioactive nutrient-chemicals utilized to deliver their health benefits. This inability to see or identify these natural nutrient-chemicals resulted in their almost always being removed by food processing methods.


Finding the right keys to the right locks

Which food or spice is effective against a targeted disease or health condition?

Bioassay-e1459976762667And, which of the thousands of small molecule nutrients in a food or spice are the essential nutrients responsible for the bioactivity? Which human molecular pathways do the identified nutrients utilize to deliver their health benefits? What specific food or spice processing methods and conditions are needed to produce a compound that: a) is batch repeatable, b) is dose reliable like an Approved Pharmaceutical Ingredient, and c) delivers a known and effective dose related biological result? What dose amount of this compound delivers the safe and effective dose required in humans? BRILLIANT’s™ proprietary databases and powerful software programs quickly and efficiently provide this information…and more.

BRILLIANT™ functions as a new essential nutrient discovery platform that has developed disease-condition-specific compounds from about 350 of the known 3600 different species of common foods and spices. To assure pharmaceutical specification quality control, BRILLIANT™ also functions as a transportable “bolt-on” quality control system that assures—from the selection of raw food-spice feedstock through the finished compound process—an ingredient that meets API purity specifications and delivers the dose reliable biological effect promised. A chemically complex API quality compound that truly captures the power of Nature and is clinically proven to successfully deliver a safer and more effective treatment therapy for many major disease conditions


A Competitive Advantage

HerbalScience licenses the BRILLIANT™ Technology Platform to carefully HerbCapsulesselected leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Botanical Drug, Nutritional Supplement, Food and Agricultural industries. These exclusive technology licenses provide the HerbalScience licensee-partners with the power for their brands to become sector leaders for decades to come by delivering the major competitive advantage that enables the achievement of an appreciable product differentiation that their consumers can actually experience and feel.